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Robert R Johnston reviewed Audrey Maine  07/28/2014  Helped me buy a home

Audrey was really great helping me through this process. She was very responsive and did provide me with honest and clear feedback through the purchase of the home. 
Audrey will support you very well, her personality and work style is highly recommendable.


debra.quin reviewed Audrey Maine  07/28/2014  Helped me buy a home

Audrey was professional, diligent, intelligent, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Even after our business was completed she remained attentive and available to provide advice. I recommend her most highly.


dknerr reviewed Audrey Maine  07/27/2014  Helped me buy a home

Audrey has knowledge of the local area and is extremely pleasant to work with in purchasing a home. I would highly recommend her!


Ray and Karen Levy reviewed Audrey Maine  07/26/2014  Worked together as colleagues

Audrey is a person who can solve problems while keeping the needs of her friends and customers a top priority. If you are looking for a skilled professional that pays attention to detail then look no further and Call Audrey Maine.


Leamans2 reviewed Audrey Maine  01/07/2014  Helped me buy a home

Audrey did a great job negotiating our home purchase. I highly recommend Audrey.


Ccottle reviewed Audrey Maine 12/13/2013  Helped me buy a home

Audrey Maine responded to our request for info when the listing agents on 2 properties did not on We closed on one property, have a second property pending and have made an offer on a third. There will be more to come! Audrey Maine is "Our Realtor"


David Cottle reviewed Audrey Maine  12/12/2013  Helped me buy a home 

Audrey was very helpful in our purchasing this investment property. We have also used her on another property--a shsort sale-- we have a pending contract on. We continue to use her for an offer we have made on a third property which is owned by a bank.


RDR082 reviewed Audrey Maine  12/12/2013  Helped me buy a home

Ms. Maine was the consummate professional. She provided us with numerous options that met our home's requirements. We were in communication with her through email, texts and by phone because much of our research and preliminary weeding out process was done from long distance. This is certainly not the first home I have purchased, or as they say "This ain't my first Rodeo!" Her local knowledge and negotiating skills greatly assisted us. I would highly recommend Ms. Maine to anyone either buying or selling a home.


Ct Eagle reviewed Audrey Maine  12/12/2013  Helped me buy a home

I can't say enough good stuff about Audrey. I warned her that I was going to be a challenging client and that I dislike untimely responses. She was up for the challenge, luckily it worked out well for the both of us! I bought a great house at a great price, no complaints...if you are looking for a motivated realtor, give Audrey a call.